7stacks update :(

Posted by on Oct 21, 2009 in 7stacks, News | Comments Off on 7stacks update :(

I apologize for the lack of updates. I’ve just been busy beating my head against the wall.

The development of 7stacks has hit a series of major snags, that will force me to regroup and rethink. Most of it revolves around 64-bit incompatibilites. 64-bit is now becoming more mainstream, and the development environment that I use to create my apps, Delphi, still compiles 32-bit apps only. For 95% of the apps out there, like Speedy Shopper, this isn’t a problem.

However, when your 32-bit app tries to interface with the Windows shell, like 7stacks does, very odd things begin happening. 64-bit Windows essentially “lies” to 32-bit apps (regarding things like file locations and administrator access), essentially sandboxing the app. So basically, 7stacks 1.5 will not be able to access “virtual” folders, like the Control Panel, Games Explorer, Recycle Bin, etc. I’ve tried everything I can to “hack” around this, but it is just not possible.

For the first time in years, I’ve hit a wall with zero chance of getting over it.

So, instead of doing further damage to my head, I will be forced to cut that feature out for now. I will finish what I have, and release a beta this weekend. That way, new Win7 users can at least have a working version. Future enhancements will have to wait, until I can translate 7stacks into something more modern, like Visual C#.

The sad thing is, I used to be a big Delphi (and Pascal) fan. But Delphi has been left to stagnate for years and years, now leaving developers like me in the lurch. I want to develop modern apps, and you all want modern apps, but I just can’t make them in Delphi any more.