About Us

Who we are, and what we're doing here

Since 1996, we at Alastria Software have been working hard to create software that is both beautiful and functional.  Whether you try our simple, easy-to-use calendar, Popup Calendar, our great time-saving grocery manager, Speedy Shopper, or our unique and free Windows 7 utility, 7stacks, you’ll see the quality and elegance in our apps.

Alastria Software began in early 1996, when I was a sophomore in college. But my roots in computers began long before that. I had learned computer programming when I was eight years old, programming on my Commodore 64 (Line Number BASIC .. ahh, the memories). In high school, I became fairly fluent in another computer language, Pascal, and when I went to UNC Charlotte, I enrolled as a Computer Science major.

Throughout college, I concentrated on school, and spent my spare time on Alastria Software. It was during this time that I created Popup Calendar. I developed it for myself, simply because Windows 95 didn’t have a calendar built-in. I decided to release it as shareware for $5, and see what happened. Sure enough, I started getting orders from all over the world. It astounded me, quite frankly. It was my first taste of global commerce.

I was able to graduate in 2000 with a B.S. in Computer Science, and made Alastria Software my full-time job soon after. It allowed me to develop Popup Calendar into the mature product I wanted. I also brought in my brother, David, to help.

Then one day in 2003, David asked me, “Do you know of a good grocery shopping list program?” He wanted something to make it easier to make out a grocery list. I looked around on the shareware sites, and found .. nothing. I thought, why has no one made a decent shopping list app? So, I decided that I could. So, Speedy Shopper was born.

When I first tried the Windows 7 beta in January of 2009, I was highly impressed.  But almost immediately, it seemed to lack one key feature: stacks.  Called “stacks” on Mac OS X, and “drawers” on Linux distros, it was a feature that allows users to consolidate multiple similar apps onto a single toolbar button.  So, after I began to pin my most used apps to the Windows 7 taskbar, I began running out of room around 20 apps.  So, I decided that Windows 7 should have stacks, and thus, the logically-named 7stacks was born in July of ’09.

Today, we continue to develop these and other small, useful applications. Soon, we plan to branch into mobile, including development on smartphone platforms such as Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone.  Stay tuned!

Derek Moore
Founder, CEO
Alastria Software