7stacks Version History

Version 1.5 beta 1 – Released…

    Version 1.2 – Released Sunday, July 5, 2009

    • Added editing of stacks via JumpList entry. Note: This only works for stacks pinned to the Windows 7 taskbar. Also, once stacks have been pinned, they cannot be renamed (this is Microsoft’s fault .. don’t blame me).
    • Added JumpList entry to browse the stack as a Menu (regardless of the type of stack it is).
    • Added file and folder captions to Grid items.
    • Added file and folder information to the hint windows of Grid items.
    • Fixed speed of icon retrieval. Browsing large folders should now be almost instantaneous. Testing found that one small area of code was the choke point slowing things down.
    • Added optional image thumbnails of BMPs, GIFs, JPGs, and PNGs when in Grid mode. This slows down the browsing of large folders of images, so each stack can choose to have this on or not.
    • Added white-on-black text, and accompanying preference. White-on-black looks like a more conventional “shadow” of white text, much like Windows icons. Black-on-white is the text as it appeared in previous versions.
    • Added slide in/out animation, and accompanying preference. With animation turned on, Stacks and Grids will do a cool “fade and slide” from whichever side of the screen the taskbar is on. This is reminiscent of OS X.
    • Added display of file extensions on all files except shortcuts (.lnk).
    • Added option to turn off file extension display for any particular stack.
    • Added multi-monitor support. All 7stacks windows will now appear on whichever screen the mouse is currently on.
    • Added quick selection of Windows’ Special Folders (such as “My Documents” or “Start Menu”) when creating a new stack. Click the “SF” button to see a list of all special folders. Once you select a special folder, you can click the “…” button next to that to drill down into that folder further.
    • Added a pop-down confirmation when creating or editing a stack.
    • Fixed unsorted file/folder contents when browsing network shares. All files and folders are now sorted alphabetically prior to display.
    • Fixed problems with stacks pointing to drives, such as C:.
    • Fixed “browse folder within stack” option being always on in Menus. Now adheres to stack options.
    • Fixed (as much as I can) Menus appearing in “incorrect” locations when moving the mouse too fast after a stack click. Menus will always appear wherever the mouse is at the current time.
    • Added limits to the number of items the Grid can display. This is a calculation based on your current screen size.
    • Moved Explore item to the top of the Menu, instead of the bottom. When browsing large folders, it would get lost at the end of the list.
    • Changed Explore icon to the Windows Explorer icon, instead of using the Mac icon.
    • Added appropriate credits to the About window.

    Version 1.1 – Released Monday, June 29, 2009

    • Fixed Stack and Grid disappearing off screen when the Windows Taskbar has AutoHide turned on. It will now range-check all 4 sides to make sure it appears completely on screen.
    • Added Preferences window and accompanying JumpList entry.
    • Added Close Stack preference. You can now choose to close the stack either by clicking away from it (the way it did in 1.0), or by clicking the stack icon a 2nd time (the way its done is Mac OS X).
    • Changed button arrangement of CreateStack.exe. Preferences, Check For New Version, and About are now smaller buttons to conserve screen real estate.

    Version 1.0 – Released Thursday, June 25, 2009

    • Initial release