Never fear ... We're here to help!

Never fear … we’re here to help! We provide support for all our software for life.  Whether you have a billing inquiry, encounter a bug, or have questions about how to use a product, feel free to use our support forms to drop us a line.  And, if you’d like to send us any suggestions or comments about our apps in general, we’d like to hear those, too!

Tech Support – Use this form to notify us about any problems you’re experiencing, or if you have questions about how to use one of our apps.

Request Lost Code – Use this form if you’ve purchased one of our apps, and you’ve lost the code and need to reinstall it.

Billing Inquiries – Use this form if you have a question about the payment for your order, or if you have not received your unlock code after paying.

Suggestions – Use this form to send us suggestions about new features, or tweaks to current features in any of our apps.

Other – Use this form if your inquiry does not fit into one of the above categories.