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Your program is awesome and really makes 7 even more useful.

Thomas M. (about 7stacks)

7stacks: Software pick of the week. (mentioned starting 1:24:25)

Paul Thurrott (Windows Weekly Ep. 133)

You clearly have a good product which fills a basic need. I cannot believe MS would not allow users to create folder shortcuts on the toolbar!! My double height toolbar on my regular XP PC has about 60 nice small easily readable icons for my favorite programs and folders. I routinely use about 15-20 programs (CS4 Suite, Cad programs, Lightroom, word, excel, and many others.) I also routinely forage thru about 50 different folders through 20,000 photos, and same number of documents. So I don't appreciate MS "dumbing down" the toolbar so that .jpg files are found under one particular program (if I understand it correctly). I may need to open that .jpg file in 6 different applications!

John S. (Toronto, ON)

I just wanted you to know that I love 7stacks and use it to augment my Windows 7 taskbar. It looks so polished and like it is part of the Windows design. It helps me keep things organized and accessible.

David O. (Rexburg, ID)

This little utility is likely to become a permanent part of my stable of utilities.

David Potter (via his blog)

I would like to thank you for 7stacks... Why do I like 7stacks? Because, as many of us are, I am a visual person. I respond to my world based on visual cues. Until such a day comes, and definitley beyond, when we may talk to our electronic devices, and be understood with the least amount of fuss, people everywhere are going to be interacting with our virtual worlds through the use of GUIs. And, 7stacks has a sleek, friendly GUI and is very easy to use.

David H.

Your program is awesome and really makes 7 even more useful.

Thomas M. (about 7stacks)

I would like to tell you how much I’m enjoying the 7stacks app! It’s brought a welcome level of organization to my Windows 7 experience!

Brant H.

I'd like to thank you for a piece of software I use very often, 7Stacks. I'm primarily a user of Mac OS X, and the stacks feature is one I often missed when using Windows for various things. It's an incredibly useful piece of software.

John T.

This little utility is great! I'm using it it to list shortcuts to a few batch files I run.

JB (about 7stacks)

Great job on 7stacks, it's one of those missing things that completes the OS.


7stacks is exactly the functionality I wanted from Win7 to organize my games!


I found out about your program from Lifehacker. I've really enjoyed using it! In fact, I had previously been using a rival program, but I have found yours to be more lightweight, faster, and generally easier to use.

jtshap (about 7stacks)

Great little application. I hoped for something like this to use as an application launcher when I started using Windows 7.