About Our Software

We’ve been creating apps since 1996,  each one is born out of first-hand experience.  Because, so often we stare at our machines and ask “Why can’t I do ___?”  Our goal is to fill in the gaps in your computing life, and let you save time, save money, and do things you didn’t think were possible.

To accomplish this, we strive to develop apps with simple, yet powerful user interfaces.  Our apps are designed to have a short learning curve, but still allow a power user completeness and rapidity.  And all the while, we strive not to include useless functions and bloat the app.  Our apps get out your way, and let you have control.

And because we’re confident that you’ll like our apps, we make sure that you can try them without any hassle.  Our paid apps all come with a 30-day free trial.  And during that trial, the app will not be feature-crippled in any way, allowing you to fully see how it would improve your computing life.  And if you purchase one of our apps, rest assured that if you have any problems, you can contact us for tech support at any time.

And if that isn’t good enough, some of our apps are 100% free, to use however you’d wish.  If you like and use those apps, you can donate to help continue their development.  But essentially, these apps are provided free because we feel that they’re too useful not to use.  Ultimately, we’re committed to improve your computing experience.