Coming up for air

Posted by on Jun 26, 2009 in 7stacks, News, Site News, Speedy Shopper | Comments Off on Coming up for air

I’ve been busy hunkered down in Casa de Alastria, clacking away on the keyboard like a madman. And the fruits of my labor are about to be revealed. I’m about to release 3 apps .. 2 new apps and 1 update.

First, the update is to Speedy Shopper 2.0. Circumstances beyond my control have caused me to have a severe delay in the development of this. But Beta 1 has been used by about a dozen beta testers for a while now, and no one seems to be having problems. So I plan on releasing a final beta within the next 2 weeks. The final version still has to have documentation written for it (and yes, that’s taking a lot longer than expected). And since a couple people have asked .. No, I won’t release a final version without proper documentation (help files, tutorials, etc.), because its unprofessional, IMO. If you take the time to use my software, the least I should do is help you learn about it.

The 2 new apps will be not be shareware apps .. they will be free, donationware apps. They are not complex enough to warrant registration codes and locking everything down. Instead, I am trying an experiment. If you like either app, and use it, you can PayPal a donation to us. If you don’t want to donate, feel free to use the app anyway.

I can’t really say much about these apps, other than they are Windows 7-specific, and are inspired by OS X. They come from my own experience with using the 7 beta and RC. They take advantage of 7’s new features to further the user interface of 7. I use them both every day, and they make using 7 much easier.

The first app will be out within a day or so. The release schedule for it has been bumped up a few days, since LifeHacker has shown a series of similar apps to mine recently (I thought I was the only one working on this, but I guess I was wrong). Mine has been in development for only about 6 weeks, and is still (brag mode on) superior to them in many ways (brag mode off). I also expect a Hive Five of these apps to appear at any time, and my name needs to be in that hat.

The second app will be out within a few weeks later. It’s going to need a little more development, but it’s just awesome. Personally, I haven’t seen anything like this app, and could potentially spawn a whole new category of similar apps for 7. We’ll see…