July, 2009

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7stacks is a hit!

By now, you’ve seen that we’ve released a new app called 7stacks. I’m quite pleased in the overwhelmingly positive reaction it’s gotten. It has so far gotten writeups on LifeHacker, DownloadSquad, and IntoWindows. Both Lifehacker and DownloadSquad are sites that I (and millions of others) read daily. It’s funny how much it’s spread like wildfire. In total, my announcement of 7stacks was one, single, solitary message board post I made here on the forums at SevenForums.com (a Windows 7 board). From there, it was picked up on a couple of blogs, and from there, DownloadSquad and Lifehacker saw it. That’s pretty amazing, IMO. The people at SevenForums have been great in helping be quash the initial bugs, and I released v1.1 just a few days after 1.0. I will also be releasing v1.2 by the end of this week. It will include several fixes, including: Fixing Stacks pointing to a drive (i.e. “C:”) not working correctly Fixing Stacks of network devices not sorting file/folder names alphabetically Adding multiple monitor support Fixing “Browse subfolders within the stack” option being ignored in Menus Fixing large menus not appearing in the correct location if the mouse is moving Fixing very large menus (i.e. 5000+ items) causing program to freeze. So, if you’re having one of the above problems, please know that I will fix the problem ASAP. And if you’re having a problem that’s not listed above, feel free to contact us and let us know what’s happening. And, by the way .. if you like and use 7stacks, it would mean a great deal if you could donate $5 USD. David and I have been working hard to bring this software to you, and a small donation would really go a long way to help us make more stuff like 7stacks. And, speaking of that .. we’ve got another free app “Windows 7” app coming out ASAP (maybe in a week or two). Stay tuned! Note added 7/2: Several people had complained about some unusual slowdowns when displaying items. Yea, my bad. One out of place letter can really ruin your day. Stack display times should nearly instantaneous...

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