June, 2010

Speedy Shopper, and a new site

Thought I’d update you all on what’s going on. Please don’t think that because I’m not posting news, that nothing is happening behind the scenes. Far from it. Right now, I have been working on several projects simultaneously. After finishing an outside gig, I’ve been working on Speedy Shopper primarily, and 7stacks when I’ve gotten stuck on a part of Speedy Shopper. I’ve also devoted a few days here an there to that secret project I mentioned a while ago. Speedy Shopper is a project that I believe in a lot, but doesn’t necessarily translate to being a big seller because of its highly specialized nature. Nonetheless, I hate shipping anything that I consider substandard, but at some point, as any good artist will tell you, “the painting must be done.” Therefore, I will be releasing Speedy Shopper 2.0 within the next few weeks, and allow people to use it. As I have stated before, anyone who purchased v1 will get a free upgrade to v2. But before all that, however, I will be unveiling a new site design. This current design is getting quite long in the tooth. I will be using a WordPress design, but more as a CMS, not necessarily a blog. I’m also considering implementing a forum for users to ask/answer questions. Any WordPress gurus out there know the best way to implement this to eliminate spam? If so, please email me. But with the new design’s blogging and Twitter integration, I will try to blog (and microblog) some more than I do now. However, I’m not, nor will I claim to be, some kind of Robert Scoble or Joel Spolsky. I don’t think people really want to hear my thoughts on theories of software UI design or the latest episode of Mythbusters. (Or, maybe you do?) At any rate, I will, however, start posting more, at least once every couple of weeks, to give you all a heads-up into what’s going on. That’s all for...

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