Popup Calendar

The easy-to-use calendar that many people rely on.

Popup Calendar

Popup Calendar is the simple and easy-to-use calendar for Windows. It places today’s date in your system tray. Click on that date, and up POPS the only calendar you will ever need.

No confusing arrangements. No cute animations or anything that wastes TIME. After all, time is scarce and your most valuable resource.

Popup Calendar works the way YOU want it to. There’s usually more than one way to do something. But the end result is always the same.

Popup Calendar offers a unique way of looking at your schedule: by day, week, or month. This way, you can zoom in on a specific day, glance at your week to see when you’re free, or look at an overall view of the month.

This essential piece of software keeps track of your schedule, lets you make appointments, and allows you to write notes about your day.

Popup Calendar alerts you with a dialog box, a flashing tray icon, and/or a sound that you specify when it is time for an appointment. You can quickly and easily view, create, change, and delete appointments. You can even save your schedule to a file, and load it back in. And if you lose track of what day you’re doing something, Popup Calendar can search for it.

AND, Popup Calendar sports all the bells and whistles that make it truly handy. A to-do list, holidays, printing, copy a date to the clipboard, create HTML calendars, moon phases, date math functions, and more…