Speedy Shopper Version History

Version 1.6 – Released January 20, 2008

  • Added “Expired Coupons” alert bar. Instead of showing a message box listing which coupons have recently expired, a pop-down alert bar appears (similar to Firefox or Internet Explorer) informing you of how many coupons have expired, with a “Click here to see them” button.
  • Added “Expired Coupons” dialog. Expired coupons from the last 60 days are now logged to a log file, which you can view at any time.
  • Fixed error that limited the number of items per category to 255 (thanks to Tamre for finding this).
  • Fixed margin problems when trying to print an Item List.
  • Fixed printout problems with item names and notes “bleeding into” other columns.
  • Added file-format awareness (and related error messages) of the upcoming Speedy Shopper 2.0’s new file format. If you try to load a 2.0 store file in 1.6, Speedy Shopper will not let you use the store. If you try to load a 2.0 store in a version prior to 1.6, it will simply tell you the store is blank; any changes you happen to make to the store would destroy all the data in that store.
  • Fixed problems when a store w/ no categories was loaded. For instance, you could still hit Insert to add an item, even though there were no categories. Now, all buttons and keyboard commands except those which could add categories are unavailable.
  • Changed function keys. Reset All moved from F6 (which is very dangerous) and moved it to Ctrl-Shift-Alt-F5. F6 is now View Expired Coupons.
  • Fixed problems with wheel mouse scrolling. Occasionally, it would scroll the shopping list instead of the item list, and vice versa.
  • Added better theme compatibility with Windows Vista.
  • Fixed rare crash that happened when displaying Category menu.
  • Fixed small memory leaks.

Version 1.52 – Released January 30, 2007

  • Fixed Toolbar buttom misalignment. At times, when the main window was not maximized, the toolbar button you clicked would not line up with what it it should be, nor perform the function it should.
  • Worked around Print and Print Preview having no paper size and not printing. On certain PCs (Win98 and perhaps occasionally on XP), no paper size selections can be found. In these cases, Speedy Shopper would suffer from an internal error and not be able to print. Instead, if no paper sizes can be found, it will default to 8.5″ x 11″ paper (thanks Rosemary).

Version 1.51 – Released July 2, 2006

  • Fixed Check For New Version to updated URL.
  • Fixed bug with renaming stores.
  • Fixed Rename Category bug (thanks Franco).
  • Fixed Show Check Boxes error in Print and Print Preview (thanks Mark).

Version 1.5 – Released April 13, 2006

  • Changed graphics engine. We now use Graphics32, a free, open-source graphics drawing engine that’s easy to use, lightning fast, and makes things really purrdy. HIGHLY recommended.
  • Changed on-page Item List symbols using the new engine. Also, added more symbols, including Edit Item, and Edit Category, and Coupon. Makes working with them easier.
  • Changed internal database structure. Now its just plain faster and more robust.
  • Changed coupons to update across stores. Added option to allow coupons to appear in that store only.
  • Added ability for coupons to expire on a certain date. Once the coupons have expired, Speedy Shopper will alert you to which coupons have expired when you open that store. Coupons that are 10 days from expiring will appear in yellow, and when 3 days from expiring, will appear red.
  • Added Coupon dialog for making it easier working with coupons.
  • Added Store Accepts Coupons options. Gives you the option to turn coupons off for a particular store if they don’t accept them (i.e. price clubs).
  • Added Find bar. Allows Firefox-like searching through all items in a store, searching for items matching either in name, note, or aisle/dept.
  • Changed the layout of the Edit Item dialog, giving you complete control over the item in one dialog.
  • Added Errands. Errands are items you put at the top or bottom of the shopping list that are just little notes or reminders to yourself. You can put your favorites in the Errands dialog, and check which ones you need before each particular shopping trip. Errands are store-specific.
  • Moved Print options to the Print Preview dialog. Now all changes can be made here, in real-time, allowing you to see the results.
  • Changed Line Spacing print option from predetermined fractions of an inch (1/8, 1/16, etc.), to anywhere between 0.2 to -0.1 inches, in 1/100th inch intervals. Negatives are for cramming items on top of one another, if you want to do that.
  • Added Print options for Paper Type, Margins, and Page Title.
  • Added Category menu, and moved some items out of the Store menu to Category menu.
  • Removed Edit Categories dialog, and replaced it with Add, Edit, and Delete Category dialogs. This makes working with the selected category analogous to working with the selected item.
  • Edit Category changes a category’s default aisle. V1.0a and earlier just used the last item’s aisle as the default.
  • Added Copy Aisle option to Copy Category/Item To Store dialogs.
  • Added Reset Purchased Items. Resets all items that are marked for purchase (assumes you bought those items and used all coupons, etc. for them).
  • Changed Reset Store to default to Reset Purchased Items.
  • Removed Reset Quantities and Notes. Redundant.
  • Changed the look of the Edit Note dialog.
  • Added optional text below the toolbar buttons. Access through the Options menu.
  • Removed option “Display department name in shopping list if same name as category name”. Huh? Confusing and unnecessary.
  • Removed Export Shopping List button from the toolbar. Removed to avoid confusion. Some thought that you needed to save the shopping list when you’re done using the program, like its a Word document. In reality, all changes are saved as you make them, like Quicken.
  • Removed Add/Edit button. Again, confusing, and sometimes didn’t show what you wanted it to.

Version 1.0a – Released November 14, 2005

  • Fixed “Grid Index out of Range” error. Error only occurred when expanding the last category when all other categories were collapsed.
  • Fixed capatalizing category name error causing items to be deleted. When categories were renamed, for example, from “Beverages” to “BEVERAGES”, all items within the beverages category would be gone.
  • Fixed small error with Clipboard Viewer.

Version 1.0 – Released October 28, 2005

  • Initial release.